We believe in customer service and keeping the best interests of each client at the forefront of every project. If there are opportunities to save costs, expedite schedules, or enhance the built environment, clients can be assured that we will offer recommendations and suggestions.

Secondly, and as a minority company ourselves, we believe in the practice of providing an ethnically and culturally diverse workplace and giving disadvantaged employees and subcontractors an opportunity to improve their economic status.


Gilford’s commitment to each project is guided by the following principles:

  • A culture of diversity and inclusion. Employ and promote the advancement of an ethnically and culturally diverse staff through education and training. Solicit and encourage the use of minorities, women, small, and disadvantaged businesses on our project teams and trade partners to build stronger communities.
  • Integrity. It permeates everything and guides how we do business. Treat everyone with respect.
  • Commitment to health and safety. There is no job that is more important than the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and the public.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction. Deliver quality projects in accordance with contract documents, on schedule, and within budget. Deliver excellence and do it right the first time.


Gilford’s experience in providing comprehensive construction services to the Federal market sector has resulted in numerous completed projects across numerous Government Agencies in the Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area as well as internationally.


Gilford’s capabilities and experience in the Commercial market sector range from small remodeling efforts to construction of new buildings and facilities valued at over $50 million.

Project delivery methodologies include design/build, design/bid/build and construction management and often include extensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC components.

Our new construction efforts have encompassed site work, base building, and interior fit-outs.


Like non-profit, projects for faith-based clients are unique in that the client point of contact is often a group or several groups of individuals, and we understand the demands that building committees face — from funding efforts and budget limitations to gaining consensus among various stakeholders in decision making.

Gilford will work in concert with all stakeholders throughout your project, not only to facilitate the decision-making process, but also to maintain good communications with the congregation and everyone involved so that they are informed and involved from initial pre-project planning through all phases of construction.


Projects for community, non-profit, and faith-based clients are unique in that the client’s point of contact is often a group or several groups of individuals.

Gilford works in concert with all project stakeholders throughout the project, not only to maintain good communications amongst all vested interests, but also so that the entire team has a complete understanding of all project parameters and why the various approaches were chosen.


Gilford’s experience in the Institutional market sector includes education, healthcare, and university student housing – facilities that serve the community.

Regardless of the project, we understand the necessity and value of collaboration between the public and private sector — among clients, users, design teams, and all project stakeholders. Our goal is to create value as well as functional built environments for learning, living, and recreation that inspire innovation.


Gilford has extensive experience in conducting a wide variety of public and private projects in the Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan area.

We understand the complexities of the various state and county governmental procurement policies and contracting procedures which vary by jurisdiction and can include socio-economic and minority contracting requirements, permitting procedures, environmental regulations, etc.


Work in the Hospitality market sector requires expertise in creating built environments that satisfies owner and brand requirements and are pleasing to guests.





Safety is our most important priority.  Gilford repeatedly demonstrates this philosophy and is committed to maintaining work environments that minimize situations where there is risk of personal injury (to employees, subcontractors, client personnel, or the general public); damage to property, equipment, and facilities; or harm to the environment. Stated simply, we believe there is no job or task that is more important that health and safety.


Our Project Management and Pre-Construction Services staff are ready to assist you in making your vision a reality. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.